◘ This play area is designed for children 6 and under. Older children are also welcome: access to our Gaming Lounge with Nintendo Switch and PS4 games is included with admission for siblings 7+. VR rentals are available for anyone 13+.

◘ All guests must sign a waiver before entering the play area. Waivers stay on file for 1 year and must be completed by each individual parent or caregiver upon entry. Save some time and fill one out here: Online Waiver

◘ Rain or Shine is a NUT-FREE FACILITY. With the exception of water in a CLOSED container, we do not allow any outside food or drink. Violators of this rule will be given 1 warning, and future incidents will require the guest to leave the premises with revocation of any memberships and no refund. We offer a FREE snack with each admission per child that is to be picked at time of entry, and eaten when desired in our designated snack area. For birthday parties, cake/cupcakes must be purchased and not homemade.

◘ Socks are a must for anyone whose feet will touch the ground (including parents/guardians) and are available for purchase. We do have available storage for shoes and personal effects.

◘ Children who appear visibly sick will kindly be asked to return on a day when they are feeling better. We ask that parents and caregivers consider the health and well-being of other guests.

◘ Please note: we are not a drop off center or child care facility.  Parents and caregivers are to supervise their child at all times during their stay at Rain or Shine.

◘ All employees (including the owners) are First-Aid/CPR/AED certified.

◘ Staff will be monitoring the play area and may speak with any children that are not behaving well with play equipment or other children. It is at the staff’s discretion that they will request a ‘play time-out’ while the child sits with the parent for a few minutes before being allowed back into the area.

◘ We understand that many of our guests are within the potty training stage. We ask that children wear appropriate potty training undergarments during their time in the play area. Swim diapers are not acceptable.

◘ Our restrooms are outfitted with baby changing stations. Under no circumstances shall children be changed anywhere but the restrooms, even if it is only a “quick change”.

◘ Rain or Shine is a nursing friendly facility. In addition to the nursing area provided, nursing is also permitted anywhere in our facility that the mother feels comfortable.